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Three updates in one hour... it's because I'm in this stupid fuckin class for two hours with no teacher or anything but nothing to do. This weekend was pretty cool, Elvia and I went to see Corpse Bride, which despite the HOT TOPIC trends, I liked it. After the movies we went next door (we were at the deerfield movies) to this ice cream place and had cake and ice cream before washing it all down with curley fries. So I guess I have to figure out a healthy diet because of my high blood pressure and the whole being fat thing. My neck hurts a lot. Anyways, I've tried the whole diet thing before and all it ended up doing is (after a couple of hours) eating a whole bunch of greasy shit and stuff like that, not to mention that, since I have to be to work so quickly, I eat Wendy's like everyday. I can't concentrate because some retard is playing some lame ass music.

I'm looking foward to screamfest, which should be pretty good. On Saturday I am taking Elvia to see what it's like, and on Sunday I'm going to go with my dad or something to a couple of screenings and to attend that Bloody Mary seminar on how to do horror makeup. That should be cool.

I went to Waldenbooks and reserved The Rising so that I can read what happened before City of the Dead. I'm so bored... Eminem sucks dick. I'm going crazy from this stupid shit; a bunch of idiots screeching at each other while crappy assed music plays in the background.

Moving along... I went to the pawn shop on Friday with hopes of possibly finding, even though the chances were slim, and it was something I didn't count on or expect, the Bloodhound Gang's: One Fierce Beer Coaster. Lo and Behold, I found it, along with that Rage Against The Machine Cd with Testify. I think that I'm going to take Elvia to that pawn shop sometime because they had some cool stuff (CD wise).

There has been a terrible loss in the family, and I'm serious about this. This Saturday at approximately 2ish, Jesse Carlson, beloved friend and feline, had to be put to sleep at the age of 12. Jesse was a bad ass and he let the whole block know. I remember one time when I was like 9 Chealsea's (Danielle's cousin) dog got out and came to my house and attacked my cats, but Jesse stepped out, his shadowy hair blowing in the wind, stepped out and bitchslapped the shit out of him. The dog ran home so fast that it looked like a cheetah. On Saturday afternoon, after getting home from the mall and descovering that yet another friend of mine was gone, I dug a grave for my close and dear friend and wept. I have had Two dogs, both have been put to sleep because of health, and three cats. Two of the three cats I have had for about 12 years or more, and the other for about six years. If I find whatever animal did this to my friend (as he was too weak to continue from it's last fight), I will first spin the creature from it's tail and smash it into the wall. Next, I'll get a shovel and cut the animal's ass off (Jessie's tail was bitten off). Next, I will tie the animal up, dig a hole, and bury it alive.

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